Japanese Graded Readers Level 6 / JLPT N2Japanese Learners: Japanese style month name

  • 日本語がくしゅうしゃの本です。This is a Japanese Graded Readers book.
  • ぶんしょうは日本語でかかれています。The text is written in Japanese.
  • ちゅうじょうきゅう/Intermediater. This reading is for Japanese learners whose level is equivalent to Level 6 or Japanese-Language ProficiencyTest (JLPT), Level: N2.
  • 古い日本の月のよびかたを美しい書といっしょにまなべます。 This reading is easy to know about Japanese style month name with beautiful calligraphy, and a good practice to learn how to use phrases and Kanji in storytelling.
  • かんじにはふりがながついてます。All Kanji is accompany by furigana, readings of Kanji.
  • iPadで音声機能がつかえます。You can use automated audio/reading function on your iPad. If needed, you can also adjust audio speed by yourself.
  • この本はクイズがついています。This book has several reading comprehension quizzes.
  • In addition, this book has a special feature that you will have opportunity to communicate with the author by participating in Japanese learners events.


This book is written about “Japanese style month name” with beautiful calligraphy.

We say that “Wafuu Getsumei(和風月名)and we use them even now.

You can guess Japanese old lifestyle with each monthly name.

The calligraphy are written by mizuho makino.

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Published date: 24 June, 2021.